5 Tips For Choosing Healthy Dog Chews For Your Pooch

healthy dog chews

Healthy dog chews can be quite beneficial to puppies as well as dogs. Puppies chew on objects to alleviate the pain caused by their incoming teeth. The older ones chew on objects to help keep their jaws strong and teeth clean. Dog owners must bring in the best and healthy chews for their dogs.


5 Important Tips To Remember When Shopping For Healthy Dog Chews

There is a vast variety of dog chews available on the market but that’s exactly what makes it so difficult to choose the right dog chews for your favorite canine. Therefore, the next time you go shopping for a chew, keep these 5 important tips in your mind.  


  1. Go through the Tag and the Specifications in detail!

    There are few important things to keep in mind when buying dog treats. For instance, you should always remember to read the ingredient label and specifications, i.e., artificial food color, sugar, flavors, and preservatives, etc. This will help you avoid chews with ingredients that can be harmful to your dog. Moreover, if your pet has allergies, then you definitely should avoid chews having ingredients like wheat, soy, and corn in them. Soft and healthy dog chews are good for dogs with sensitive teeth. Make it a point to look for products that contain ingredients that have been derived from the U.S.

  2. Examine the product as-it-is

    When choosing a healthy dog chew, don’t forget to examine the contents of the chews you are going to give your dog. Healthy dog chews offer a good amount of vitamins and minerals while other treats like pig ears, although loved by dogs, are full of fatty and non-nutritious ingredients. Moreover, they also have certain downsides to them, such as the risk of choking and obesity. They can also contain dangerous chemicals and are usually too greasy. You can buy alternatives to pig ears, such as Antlers, whole cow ears chews, and goat ears chew, etc.

  3. Explore the packaged healthy dog chews one by one.

    Think about the treats you are giving to your dogs. Make sure they are not unwrapped or just lying on the shelf uncovered. Bugs, germs, bacteria, and other harmful organisms can easily get onto a poorly packaged dog chew. Hence, it is important to hunt for healthy dog chews packed in properly sealed bags. You can never be too careful when it comes to your dog’s health and well-being.

  4. Pick out healthy dog chews suitable for your dog’s age

    A very important factor to bear in mind if you are purchasing a chew is whether or not the chew is appropriate for your dog’s age. Yes, age-appropriate healthy dog chews do exist. A dog chew is an essential part of any dog’s life. Whether you talk about a pup or an adult dog, they all love to chew! They have to chew! They need to keep their muscles solid, teeth clean, and cerebrum occupied to live a long and healthy life. Therefore, choose the chews for puppies that ease the pain of teething. Beef pizzle chew is perfect for puppies. Little dogs ought not to have rawhide bites till they are half a year old.

  5. Keep your dog active with resilient chews

    Every dog’s most favorite activity is to chew. For certain dogs, anything that fits in their mouth is seen as food. But that doesn’t make it safe. Finding a healthy dog chew that will keep your dog busy for a long time and will also be loved by your dog sounds impossible. Right? Use natural and soft dog chews to improve your pet’s health.


When all is said and done, choosing a dog chew for your pet is not something you can go about casually. There’s a lot you need to be mindful of when making the purchase. Hence, it’s always a good idea to do research or ask your vet for recommendations.

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